Instructions for use

Method of weed suppression:

1. Total weed control:
In this mode, we eradicate weeds before planting in such a way that we prepare a field for planting, then leave it approx. 10-15 days so that the weeds sprout. Then we burn-off the weeds and immediatelly plant our crop to give it advantage over the weeds of approx. 4 weeks.

2. Interrow weed control:
We use interrow weed control in species, such as corn, potatoes, cabbage, ... In this mode, special care needs to be given to the preparation of fields so that the weeds are always smaller than the crop. The moment the weed overgrows the crop this kind of control can become very difficult. To give the crop advantage total weed control is recommanded before planting.

Weed size:
Thermal method is most effective in small weeds. Weeds should be burned before they grow 3-4 leaves. Destruction of small weeds ensures greater success in higher processing speeds and lower gas consumption / ha. 

It is very important for the calcination of weed that the operation takes place at the right time. The first firing should be performed before planting or at least before the plant sprouts. In this way we reduce the intensity of weed growth during the sprouting of seeds. By doing so we ensure that the crop overtakes the weeds. 

The intensity of combustion:
Most people think they have to burn the weeds to charring. This is an unnecessary waste of fuel as the effect is no greater than if the plant is only touched by the flame that destroys it's cellular structure.

Weather conditions:
Weather conditions in principle do not impede the work, but the best effect is achieved in hot and dry weather.


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