Frequently Asked Questions

What is the gas consumption per hectare?
Gas consumption is directly affected by the quantity of weeds in the field. On the average field, the consumption ranges from 20 - 30 kg / ha. or. to 50 kg / ha in a total suppression of such weeds as potato foliage. At the current price of gas (approx. € 1.6 / kg) this amounts to between 32 EUR and 50 EUR / ha. or. up to 80 EUR / ha for total suppression of potato cime.

How fast can a tractor travel during flaming?
Working speed during calcination can be between 2 and 6 km / h. If weeds are rare then you can travel faster and vice versa.

What is the risk of damaging the crops?
Crop may be damaged only by incorrect use of equipment, as plants are protected by a special chamber to guard against excesive temperature. However, small burns are not fatal to our output as such. Maize, which scorched the leaves very quickly renewed. Demage can be done only in the event that the vehicle stops and at one point fires for a long time without switching to a smaller flame.

What is the advantage of this method of foliage burning compared to using herbicides?
The advantage of this method lies in the ecological approach because weed control with this method does not burden the environment with hazardous and toxic substances. There is no negative impact on the ground, no harm done to the beneficial microorganisms in the soil, or to the animals in the area and neither to the man who manages the tractor with this device. The method can be implemented in water protection areas, where currently the plant protection is inefficient and costly. Economic comparison of the use of herbicidal plant protection products and thermal methods (especially the one described above) is already comparable or, in some cases it already favours thermal method (total burning of foliage before potato harvest.


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