The purpose of environmental protection is to maintain, improve and develop the integrity and quality of natural elements, natural communities, and natural resources in the context of their natural resources (Environmental Protection Act).

The company Mobilis Ltd. have developed a device that will significantly contribute to the implementation of environmental protection requirements in the use of plant protection products. The device enables a completely organic weed control in many crops.

Thermal weed control method has been known since the 1940s in the United States. Then they were burning weeds in general use in the types of crops, such as cotton, corn, sorghum, ... First studies have been initiated in the'' Louisiana State University''. Initially, the research carried out in the cotton fields, and later enrolled in corn and soybeans. The research results attracted the farmers and this method has in practice become widespread. Devices were initially quite different. Burners were kerosene and farmers provided the pressure by a hand pump, which they had run during firing weeds. Devices have been developed and this method has been developing until 1960's. At that time, a lot of herbicides and pesticides were introduced to the market, which have been priced very affordable, compared with liquefied gas. The development of devices for the thermal destruction of weeds restarted at the end of the 90's of the 20th century. In the beginning of the 21st century concern for the environment grew and re-awakend the legislation in the field of application of plant protection products to become stricter. Prices of herbicides began to rise and the thermal method of destroying the weeds again started looking attractive. The development of technology for burning weeds is making great progress and is now at such a level that enables secure, reliable, ergonomic and economical use of these devices comparable to all other weed elimination methods.


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